M.O.R.E. in the press

We’re Gillian, Monika and Rachel, The Mothers of Real Estate (MORE). Each of us is a savvy real estate investor in her own right, who overcame challenge circumstances to prosper in real estate.

Together, we’ve signed, sealed and delivered over $100 million in real estate deals in the GTA to recognizing a need to educate and help other women become confident investors too, the three of us joined forces on Mother’s Day in 2015.

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Media enquiries welcome: 416-450-1940 or info@MothersOfRealEstate.com

Since then, here’s what people in the media have been saying about us and our From Confused to Confident Real Estate Investor program.


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Gillian, Monika and Rachel discuss why Student Rentals

, Buy-Rent-Holds and Rent to Owns make sense for busy moms.

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